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The Slutsk region is located in the south of the Minsk oblast. Its area is 1,821 square kilometres. There are 120 settlements in the Slutsk region. The centre of the region is the town of Slutsk which is located on the Sluch River, 105 kilometres away from Minsk.  The population of the region is 96,594 people.
The highest point above sea level is 213 metres.

The main river of the region is the river of Sluch with its tributaries Moroch, Lakneya, Veseika, Sivelga. The biggest water reservoirs are located near the villages of Rudnya and Borki. Their area is 3.7 square kilometres and 0.7 square kilometres respectively. Forests cover around 24% of the total area of the region (pine, birch and spruce). Marshes cover about 1% of the region.

The wildlife of the Slutsk region is elk, European wild hog, hare, fox, marten, black-cock and others.

Major mineral of the Slutsk region are peat, chalk, potash fertilisers, mortar sand, sand and gravel material, clay. 

The cropping season in the Slutsk region is 193 days.